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Northeast Community Church

Northeast Community Church - www.nccphilly.org
Visit NCC's website to learn more, and to listen to sermons in English, Chinese or Albanian!

Northeast Community Church (NCC) hosts the English as a Second Language (ESL) program.  They are happy to run this ministry, among others, to serve their neighbors and community.  

NCC has three worship services.  You are welcome anytime!
* 11:00 a.m. every Sunday
* Three services are held at the same time in EnglishAlbanian and Chinese.
* Child care and children’s church are provided.
* Join for coffee and snacks after the service!

English Service - 11:00am Sundays, Pastor Vinny Tauriello
Chinese Service - 11:00am Sundays, Pastor Maranatha Chung
Albanian Service - 11:00am Sundays, Pastors Martin Katro & Jason Stryd 
* NCC's vision is to see the diverse people of Northeast Philadelphia come to experience a vital relationship with Jesus Christ and his church through a ministry of the gospel in word and deed.
* NCC's purpose is to make disciples of all nations in a healthy church environment.

* Gospel - The gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ.
* Worship - The gospel  makes us joyful worshipers of God.
* Prayer - The gospel trains us to be devoted to prayer.
* Changed People - The gospel changes us from the inside out.
* Community - The gospel creates a new community.
* Mission - The gospel sends us out to bless the world.
* City - The gospel promotes the peace and health of the city.

               Northeast Community Church
                        3300 Tyson Avenue
                    Philadelphia, PA 19149
   To reach the office contact: info@nccphilly.org