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ESL Volunteer Teacher's Assistant (TA) job description

Job Title:  Volunteer ESL teacher's assistant (TA)

Job Summary:  To assist teaching English to adult internationals, refugees, and immigrants so they can function more fully in the United States and to intentionally demonstrate and share the love of Jesus Christ with ESL students.

1.  A sense of mission or calling from God to this ministry.
2.  Ability to speak, read, and write English, generally as a native speaker.
3.  Commitment to a period of at least one semester during a school year (Sept-Dec / Jan-May).

1.  Actively assist my ESL classroom teacher once a week when school is in session.
2.  Correspond with my teacher on a regular basis.
3.  Arrange for someone else to act as TA in my class when I cannot be there.
4.  Demonstrate and model the love of Jesus Christ in every contact with my ESL students.
5.  Regularly pray for and with my ESL students.
6.  Intentionally share the gospel of Jesus Christ with my ESL students.
7.  Attend staff meetings.
8.  Attend additional trainings and events as relevant and when possible.

*adapted from "A guide for church-based ESL ministries", pg 21