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Pearson Training

Pearson's Training is coming up (and it's FREE)!

Saturday, August 12, 10a-12p @ Bethany Baptist Church 
Wednesday, August 16, 6:30-8:30p @ Bethany Baptist Church
   (460 Rhawn St. Philadelphia, PA 19111)
   (the same training, offered twice)  
We have about a dozen signed up for each training!

WHAT is Emily from Pearson training us on?
-- NEW Side by Side Plus, levels 1-4 now with an online component!
-- NEW Future books, level 4, also with an online component!
-- NEW books for Saturday called True Stories, all levels with an optional online component!
-- Q&A Time with YOUR questions about teaching and/or these books! Emily suggests you send questions you think of to her in advance: emily.frisch@pearson.com

What about ABC/Literacy and Advanced classes, you ask?
-- You ALSO can benefit from this training as you will be offered access to the closest level's online site for your classroom use (i.e. level 1 and level 4)-come see if it can benefit you!

Emily says to "bring an open mind, excited about introducing a great online component to your students!"

Before you come, there are 2 things you need to do:
1.  IF you are coming, REGISTER ONLINE using the attached sheet of instructions. Please create an account BEFORE coming to the training. (Note there are 2 attachments - most of you need Side by Side Plus. Only MW Level 4 should register for Future instead.)
2.  BRING your LAPTOP or TABLET to the training. On the day of, before you leave your house, ask yourself, "Do I have my personal device??"  (Don't have one? Everything will be projected :) )

Emily and I will bring the new books for you to look at (and maybe even keep to prepare). The Side by Side Plus and Future books are 95% the same as last year. The extra components are a few added reading/writing pages, and online access to the books and games. Plus, students will be able to purchase books themselves online, with a 25% discount!